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If your vehicle uses R134a refrigerant, you won’t have to make the change. However, if your car has the new refrigerant, you’ll have to stick with it. Manufacturers may even classify putting R134a in a car that came with 1234yf as emissions tampering — particularly if they count air conditioning credits toward light-duty greenhouse gas compliance. Even then, accidentally using the wrong refrigerant is nearly impossible, as the new system has special fittings, including unique service ports and caps.

As for your favorite service shop, they’re equipped to handle the new refrigerant. According to Auto Service Professional, technicians are trained to work with one additional component, an inline heat exchanger (IHX) with two concentric containers, as well as to recognize the new fittings.

Now that you know what changes are being made to refrigerant, find out what’s required in your car by looking at the owner’s manual.





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