Smart Express
Servicing the technology that makes today's cars smart

From Wrench to Keyboard

Servicing the 21st Century Car


Making cars smart again through the use of smart technology services

Smart Express is a specialty auto repair firm that provides integrated diagnostic, calibration and technology repairs for the smart networks that power and control today’s cars.  It makes available its services to dealers, independent repair centers, and specialty auto services companies.

As a pioneer in the new category of smart auto repair, the company is setting the standards for fixing and repairing the smart computer technology that controls today's automobiles.

Smart Express services are delivered by specialized technology mechanics (TM) trained on the most advanced computers and software systems provided by today's car manufacturers. TMs use specialized processes and smart technologies to calibrate and repair auto functions such as auto navigation, avoidance, performance and other smart services available in today’s automobiles. All work is performed to exacting manufacturer standards and with access to key industry maintenance computer networks and calibration systems. The company provides it service as an  outbound offering. All TMs are outfitted with specially equipped vehicles and perform their services at clients’ sites. 




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423 West 90th Street Bloomington MN 55420


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